All recommendations by Planning Commission for Official Zoning Map amendments shall be consistent with the City's adopted plans, goals, and policies, and the following:
   (a)   Prior to making a recommendation to City Council on a proposed rezoning, the Planning Commission shall consider whether the following conditions exist:
      (1)   There has been a change in demand for land which alters the information upon which the Official Zoning Map is based.
      (2)   A study indicates that there has been an increase in the demand for land in the requested zoning district, and as a result, the supply of land within the City mapped as such on the Zoning Map, is inadequate to meet the demands for such development.
      (3)   Proposed uses cannot be accommodated by sites already zoned in the City due to lack of transportation or utilities or other development constraints, or the market to be served by the proposed use cannot be effectively served by the location of the existing zoning district.
      (4)   There is an error in the text of this Part or the Official Zoning Map as enacted.
   (b)   No residentially zoned district shall be recommended by Planning Commission to be rezoned to a non-residential district unless such proposed rezoning site is contiguous to land in the proposed zoning district classification.
   (c)   In addition to the findings required to be made by subsection (b), findings shall be made by the Planning Commission on each of the following matters based on the evidence presented.
      (1)   The extent to which the proposed amendment and proposed use are in compliance with and deviate from adopted plans, goals and policies.
      (2)   The suitability of the property in question for the uses permitted under the proposed zoning.
      (3)   The adequacy of public facilities such as transportation, utilities, and other required public services to serve the proposed use.
      (4)   The effect of the proposed rezoning on surrounding uses.
      (5)   The effect of the proposed rezoning on the economic viability of existing developed and vacant land within the City.