The Police Department of the village is hereby authorized, upon witnessing violations of this subchapter, where it is impractical or impossible to impound the dog, to issue to the owner of said dog a written notice of such violation. The owner of such dog, may, within 72 hours, present such notice to the Violation Bureau in the village, and there pay the penalties which would have been imposed had such dog been impounded, with the exception that only the minimum charge for board of such dog shall be made. If the owner of such dog shall fail to appear within said 72 hours, the person issuing such notice shall forthwith file a complaint in Justice Court, and secure a warrant for the arrest of the owner of such dog and all further proceedings shall be had in accordance with the rules and regulations and practice of said court. Payment of any penalty in accordance with the provisions of this section shall be deemed full satisfaction for such violation.
(2005 Code, § 131.014) (Ord. 2-57, passed 9-9-1957)