Ord. No.   Date   Description
3-1956   1-10-56   To the East Ohio Gas Co. to operate a natural gas system.
7-1957   5-24-57   To the Twinsburg Water Co. to operate and maintain a waterworks system.
26-1958   4-4-58   To the Ranch Hills Construction Co. to construct and maintain a waterworks system.
87-1973   8-14-73   To Ohio Edison Co. to provide electric energy for the operation of traffic control lights, traffic signs and warning lights.
88-1973   8-14-73   To Ohio Edison Co. to provide for electric lighting of City streets.
159-1974   12-20-74   To Ohio Edison Co. re-establishing the rates to be charged.
45-1979   6-12-79   To Ohio Edison Co. to provide electric lighting of City streets and public places.
16-1981   2-24-81   To Western Reserve Cablevision, Inc. to construct and operate a CATV system for 15 years.
22-1989   4-11-89   Amends the franchise agreement with Adelphia Communications.
115-1993   8-24-93   Commences cable television franchise renewal proceedings.
23-1994   2-8-94   Amends the cable television franchise agreement between the City and Western Reserve Cablevision, Inc.
71-2000   6-13-00   Grants a ten year franchise to provide cable television services to the City to Western Reserve Cablevision, Inc.
113-2005   9-27-05   Authorizes the assignment of the cable television franchise with Adelphia Communications to Time Warner NY Cable LLC.