For the purpose of this Chapter, certain words and phrases are defined herein as follows:
   (a)   "Commercial snow removal services" means any person, firm or corporation using a vehicle, machine or other means to remove snow from privately owned areas in the City for a fee or charge of any kind.
   (b)   "Public Right of Way" means any place owned by the public or dedicated for public use for pedestrian or vehicular traffic, including, but not limited to, a street, sidewalk, curb, gutter, highway, alley, mall, court or park.
   (c)   "Median Strip" means any area between opposing lanes of traffic on a public roadway.
   (d)   "Commercial Landscaping Service" means the planting of, caring for, maintaining, cutting or grooming of grass, flowers, shrubs, trees or plants by a person, firm or corporation for a fee or charge of any kind.
      (Ord. 115-2010. Passed 11-9-10; Ord. 19-2011. Passed 2-18-11.)