911.05 CHARGES.
   For the purposes provided in Section 911.04, there is levied and charged upon each lot, parcel of land or premises having a connection with the system or otherwise discharging sewage, industrial wastes, water or other liquids, either directly or indirectly into the system, sewer charges payable as hereinafter provided and in amounts to be determined as follows:
   (a)   All Residences.      $60.00 per quarter for one family.
                  $60.00 per quarter for each additional family.
   (b)   Hotels and Motels.      $8.75 per quarter for each room.
   (c)   Stores, Restaurants,
      Garages, Service
      Stations, Laundromats,
      Lodges, Offices and
      Mercantile Establishments.   $42.00 per quarter for each toilet or urinal.
                  $21.00 per quarter for each kitchen sink,    dishwasher, slop sink, soda fountain, counter or bar drain.
                  $122.50 per quarter for each garbage grinder.
                  $21.00 per quarter for each shower.
                  $21.00 per quarter for each floor drain.
      Car Washes.         $183.75 per quarter each single stall.
                  $1,400.00 per quarter for each drive-through automatic.
      Laundromats.         $28.00 per quarter for each laundromat machine.
   (d)   Hospitals, Nursing or
      Convalescent Homes.   $10.50 per quarter for each patient and employee.
   (e)   Churches.         $5.25 per quarter for each toilet.
   (f)   Libraries.         $7.75 per quarter for each toilet.
                  $6.25 per quarter for each sink drain.
                  $6.75 per quarter for each floor drain.
   (g)   Schools.         $1.75 per quarter for each pupil and employee, based upon the aggregate number of pupils and employees in attendance on October 1, in each year.
   (h)   Hair Salons         $35.00 for each sink/shampoo bowl per quarter.
   (i)   Banquet Facilities      $2.25 per seat per quarter.
   (j)   Industrial Users Not Producing Industrial Wastes. The following rates per person based upon the average daily number of persons employed or regularly engaged in services on the premises during the calendar quarter preceding each billing period as determined by regulation to be made by the Mayor, unless special rate agreement shall have been made pursuant to Section 911.08:
            $47.00 per quarter minimum charge.
            $11.75 per person per quarter.
   (k)   Industrial Users Producing Industrial Wastes. The following charges shall be in addition to the normal charges as stated when the flows and BOD and SS exceed the normal allowed.
      (1)   The flow of forty-five gallons per day, per person employed, shall be considered as normal flow for the industrial and commercial installations connected to the City systems.
      (2)   For each pound of BOD over and above the normal allowance, a charge of twenty-eight ($0.28) per pound.
      (3)   For each pound of SS over and above the normal allowance, a charge of twenty-eight ($0.28) per pound.
      (4)   For each 1,000 gallons of liquidated effluent over and above the normal allowance, a charge of sixty-eight ($0.68) per thousand gallons of liquid effluent.
      The above charges shall be billed in the same manner as the rates.
   (l)   Initial Connection Charges and Other Additional Charges. Charges to defray sewage plant construction costs, sewage transmission line costs and inspection and engineering services rendered to each user shall be payable to the Finance Director prior to making initial connection, whether direct or indirect, in accordance with the schedule set forth herein. Industrial use charges shall be levied as set forth in subsection (j) herein and based upon a flow of 45 gallons/per day/per persons employed. An additional charge of four dollars ($4.00) per 1,000 gallons of effluent per day shall be levied upon any user for discharge in excess of the base flow.
   (m)   Wastewater Source and Unit      Recommended Initial Connection Charge
      Existing single family residence            $ 2,500.00
      (at least one year old)
      New homes in City                  $5,000.00
      ($5,000 to sewer improvement fund)
      New or existing homes outside City            $10,000.00
      ($10,000 to sewer improvement fund)
      New homes outside City               $7,500.00
      (Twinsburg 4 LLC - 2005 agreement)
      ($7,500 to sewer improvement fund)
      New home outside City (Willowbrook)         $6,000.00
      ($6,000 to sewer improvement fund)
      Two family resident (per home)            $3,700.00
      Apartments and townhouses (per unit)
         includes attached cluster dwellings
         One bedroom                  $2,200.00
         Two bedroom               $2,600.00
         Three bedroom               $3,000.00
         Four bedroom               $3,400.00
      Rooming houses and tourist rooms
         First unit                  $1,800.00
         Each additional unit               $600.00
      Hotels and motels
         First unit                  $1,800.00
         Each additional unit               $ 600.00
      Assembly halls and party centers               
         (per seat maximum)               $9.00
      Bowling alley (no food service, per lane)         $300.00
      Churches, without kitchen
         (per sanctuary seat)               $8.50
      Churches, with kitchen
         (per sanctuary seat)               $10.00
      Country clubs, tennis clubs, etc.
         (per structure)               $4,300.00
         Additions for restaurants, grills
         or party rooms
      Drive-in and theater (per car or seat)         $ 20.00
      Industrial (not including industrial wastes)
         no showers, per employee, full-time and
         full-time/part-time               $ 90.00
         with showers additional charge
         per shower (each)               $ 350.00
      Rates for all industrial waste in addition to
      those shown shall be based on actual
      additional sewage flow and treatment plant
      loadings as based on "grab" samples and
      required treatment.
      See Sections 911.08 and 911.09
      Food service operations (add to any of
      above if contained therewith or use on
      separate basis as follows):
      (Up to 25 seats)                  $ 3,000.00
      (Up to 100 seats)                  $ 6,000.00
      (101 to 200 seats)                  $ 12,000.00
      (Over 200 seats)                  $ 18,000.00
      Banquet rooms (per seat)               $ 9.00
      Tavern (where very little food
      service is provided) per seat               $ 240.00
      Hospital (no resident personnel) per bed         $ 900.00
      Institutions (resident) per person            $ 300.00
      Laundries (coin-operated) per machine         $ 1,450.00
      Nursing and rest homes, assisted care,
         senior care (per room)            $ 375.00
      Office and professional buildings (per person)
         (Minimum; 1 person per 225 square feet
         floor area)                  $ 100.00
      Schools - elementary (per pupil and employee)      $ 35.00
      Schools- high and junior high (per pupil and
         employee)                  $ 50.00
      Libraries (per employee and per seat)         $ 50.00
      Service stations
         (for each toilet)               $ 2,100.00
         (for each car wash station)            $ 4,200.00
         (for each car wash station with
         recycled water)               $ 2,100.00
      Unclassified retail, under 5,000 square feet
         (not listed elsewhere, including stores
         in shopping centers) per square foot of floor
         area:                     $.60
      Unclassified retail, more than 5,000 square feet
         (not listed elsewhere, including stores
         in shopping centers) assessed $3,000; and for
         each square foot over 5,000:            $.20
      Swimming pool (commercial) per square
         foot of water surface               $1.20
      Trailer parks (per trailer space)            $ 2,400.00
      (1)   The minimum initial connection charge shall be no less than three thousand dollars ($3,000) for any commercial or industrial structure.
      (2)   In the event of a building addition, expansion or modification to a structure other than a one or two family dwelling in which no additional tap into the main sewer is required, then the initial connection charge shall be based on the additional units referred to herein actually incorporated in the building expansion, modification or additions. In the event of a detached, separate building and no new tap-in is required into the main sewer, the new building will be considered an addition to the original building and charged accordingly.
      (3)   The initial tap-in fees herein authorized shall be in addition to any fees levied by the City of Cleveland for various services related to such connection, the tap-in fees into the Cannon Road and Darrow Road to Glenwood Drive sanitary sewer improvement projects as established by Ordinances 35-1964 and 36-1965, respectively, and to the tap and use fees levied by Ordinance 49-1965 under the Project 64 improvements, the latter being collectable solely to pay the costs of local and trunk sewer lines without reference to treatment plant burden or costs of maintenance and repair or the retirement of total bonded obligations.
      (4)   The initial connection charges set forth herein shall be increased by one hundred percent (100%) for any connection serving property outside the City of Twinsburg, except as otherwise provided herein.
      (5)   The Director of Finance shall deposit and apply all fees collected hereunder in a subaccount of the Sewer Revenue Fund to be designated as the Sewer Improvement Account. Expenditures from this account shall be for improvement, modification or expansion of the sewage treatment plant or of the sewer collector system.
   (n)   Exemption from Residential Initial Connection Charge. The owner of a single family dwelling or condominium unit shall be exempt from the initial connection charge required by this section if all of the following apply:
      (1)   The owner has attained the age of 62 years;
      (2)   The owner presently resides in the dwelling unit which is subject to the charge;
      (3)   The owner has been a resident of the subject dwelling unit for at least ten years;
      (4)   The combined adjusted gross income of all members in the household does not exceed one hundred twenty percent (120%) of the most current year's HUD Low Income Limit for Summit County, Ohio (as published annually by the Ohio Department of Development) for that household size.
         (Ord. 73-2018. Passed 7-10-18.)