(A)   Property Owner Responsibility: Sidewalks, curbs and driveway approaches shall be constructed and repaired by the owners of the property adjoining the location of the work at their expense, at such times and in such places and manner as herein provided. The City Engineer is hereby authorized and directed to inspect all such work and to obtain compliance with this Code and the specifications and drawings herein referred to.
   (B)   Regulations: It shall be unlawful for any person to lay, place or construct any crossing over curbing in the City by means of cutting or removing such curb, or otherwise, without first obtaining a permit from the City Engineer to be issued according to the regulations contained herein.
Any property owner desiring to obtain a permit for a service driveway or driveways to serve his property, shall file application therefor with the City Engineer. Said application shall be in writing and upon a form provided by the City and shall contain information showing the type of construction, the length of driveway desired, location of driveway and any other information which may be required by the City Engineer.
The permit fee for cutting a curb shall be ten dollars ($10.00) per each thirty five feet (35') or less of driveway.
If the proposed alteration as set forth in said application conforms with the regulations herein contained and the provisions of Resolution No. 1048 and amendments thereof, the City Engineer shall issue a permit therefor.
The city council reserves the right to review any decision of the city engineer upon any application and to permit curb cuts for a distance in excess of thirty five feet (35') in a commercial or manufacturing district where it appears that it is necessary to accommodate large trucks and trailers. The public welfare, safety and convenience shall be considered in granting any such application.
   (C)   Line And Grades: All lines and grades for all construction within the public right of way shall be established by the city engineer. If sidewalks, curbing, driveway approaches or other construction in the public right of way is not set to the lines and grades as established by the city engineer, the city council may direct removal and reconstruction to the proper grades. (Ord. O-2022-009, 2-28-2022)



1. See Section 10-12-4-2(C).