(A)   All landscaped areas shall be permanently maintained in a neat and orderly manner and all plants shall be maintained in a healthy, living condition. Dead plants, weeds and non-plant materials must be removed and replaced as necessary.
   (B)   All landscaped areas shall be provided with a permanent means of irrigation pursuant to § 18.5(A)(2)(e).
   (C)   In all areas of the town, the required landscaping materials are native plants as defined by the Native Plants for Northern Arizona Landscapes compiled by The Arboretum at Flagstaff. The use of specifically identified invasive species and noxious weeds is prohibited.
   (D)   All portions of a site where existing vegetative cover is damaged or removed, or consists primarily of weeds, and are not otherwise covered with new improvements, must be successfully re-vegetated with a substantial mix of native and/or drought tolerant grasses and ground covers. The density of the reestablished vegetation must be adequate to prevent soil erosion and invasion of weeds after one growing season.
   (E)   All required landscaping must be located on the property it serves. Elements such as plants, walls, fences, buffering and screening located on adjacent properties or public rights-of-way shall not count toward the landscaping requirements.
   (F)   Additional landscaping may be established in public rights-of-way with the approval of the appropriate jurisdiction (i.e., ADOT or the town).
   (G)   Retention of existing native vegetation and natural features is encouraged. Special consideration may be given to developments which retain existing trees, vegetation and natural features of the site where possible and which are replaced and enhanced when necessary.
   (H)   All landscape design shall take into consideration the need for defensible space.
   (I)   Lighting used in the landscape plan must comply with the provisions of § 17 of this zoning code.
(Ord. 2012-04, passed 12-5-2012)