(A)   Landscape plan required.
      (1)   An approved landscape plan is required prior to any site clearing for any use other than single- family and two-family residential. A landscape plan designed in accordance with this section shall be provided for all new development and redevelopment, except for single-family and two-family residential. The landscape plan shall be prepared by a landscape architect, a professional landscape designer or a plant nursery, unless a waiver is approved by the Town Manager. Additions to an existing building, or substantial improvements comprising 25% of the value of the building prior to the improvements, as determined by the Town Manager or designee, shall prompt compliance with these requirements for that portion of the site affected by the improvements. Additions to an existing building, or substantial improvements comprising over 50% of the value of the building prior to the improvements, as determined by the Town Manager or designee, shall prompt compliance with these requirements for the entire site. In calculating the amount of landscaping required, credit will be given for existing landscaping that meets the requirements of this section.
      (2)   The plan shall include the following:
         (a)   A site plan providing sufficient detail to evaluate the features of landscaping and irrigation required by this section. The site plan shall show the location of property lines, proposed contours, drainage structures, existing and proposed development including all  buildings, parking, pedestrian and circulation areas. If phased development is proposed, the phasing plan shall be identified. The plan shall show the location of all proposed landscaped areas, and the dimensions and total area (in square feet) for each interior parking lot landscaped area;
         (b)   The location, design and materials of all landscape areas including planting strips along all streets, earth berms, retaining walls, fences, water features, retention areas, trash enclosures, lighting and paved areas. Where fencing is used for required screening, a scaled elevation drawing of the fence must be included;
         (c)   The location, size and type of all proposed plant and non-plant materials, including any existing vegetation to be retained and existing trees over six-inch caliper proposed to be removed;
         (d)   A chart comparing the landscaping requirements to the proposed materials and area covered, including, but not limited to, the following information:
            1.   Total parking lot and circulation areas, including interior drives and driveways (in square feet);
            2.   Total number of parking stalls required and total provided;
            3.   Total parking lot landscaped area required and total provided (in square feet);
            4.   Total buffer and screen landscaped area required and total provided (in square feet);
            5.   Total site landscaped area required and total provided (in square feet);
            6.   Total quantity and size of plant material required and the total provided;
            7.   Size, type and quantity of non-plant material to be provided; and
            8.   Any other information as the town staff may determine is necessary to ensure compliance with this zoning code.
         (e)   All landscape plans must provide an irrigation plan. Irrigation systems shall be designed to maximize efficient water use and minimize the waste of water. An automatic irrigation system designed to provide efficient irrigation coverage is required.
            1.   The irrigation system should be designed to correlate to the organization of plants into zones with similar watering requirements.
            2.   The use of treated effluent is required, a collection system to capture runoff and other alternatives for irrigation purposes are encouraged.
            3.   A waiver from the automatic irrigation system requirement and/or the requirement to use treated effluent may be approved by the Town Manager, who shall consult with the Sanitary District in making his or her decision. If an alternative means of watering is proposed, a specific plan must be provided.
   (B)   Preferred materials.
      (1)   All landscape plans must use native plant materials appropriate for their location. Invasive plants and noxious weeds are prohibited. Required landscaping materials are native plants as defined by the Native Plants for Northern Arizona Landscapes compiled by The Arboretum at Flagstaff. A detailed plant list shall be included with all plans. The list shall include both the botanical and common names.
      (2)   If turf areas are included, they must use a sod or seed mix specifically cultivated to thrive in the conditions present at the particular site. The use of non-native and/or high water consumptive turf such as Kentucky Blue Grass is prohibited. The applicant must provide information regarding the composition of a sod or seed mix as part of the detailed plant list as required.
      (3)   Rock material used in landscaping shall be subordinate to and not a substitute for plant material. When used, rock material must be compatible and appropriate.
      (4)   The use of artificial trees, shrubs, turf or plants shall not be permitted as landscaping.
   (C)   Design.
      (1)   Plants should be grouped in strategic areas and not spread thinly around the site.
      (2)   Trees must be planted to allow for maximum growth in height and shape without the need for pruning in excess of that required to maintain the health of the plant.
      (3)   New vegetation shall be selected, planted and maintained so that at maturity it will not interfere with utility lines, snow storage areas, vehicular parking, pedestrian circulation, traffic sight visibility at driveways and street intersections, and will not cause damage and upheaval of sidewalks and pavement.
      (4)   All landscape designs shall take into consideration the need for defensible space.
      (5)   All landscaped areas shall incorporate a ground cover to tie the landscaping together and to discourage weed growth.
      (6)   A mix of deciduous and evergreen plant materials shall be used to provide a year-round effect.
      (7)   A clear sight triangle shall be maintained at all street intersections and driveway entrances. Such clear sight triangle shall be determined by measuring 25 feet along each property line at street intersections, and along the property line and the driveway for driveway entrances. Landscape materials in this area shall have a clear trunk height of six feet from grade level; mature shrubs, groundcover or other materials shall not exceed three feet in height from grade level.
   (D)   Plan not approved. If the Town Manager or designee determines that the proposed landscaping does not comply with this zoning code, the plan will not be approved.
(Ord. 2012-04, passed 12-5-2012)