4.2   Site Analysis
   The following information is required:
   A.   Significant natural and built constraints of the site and surroundings;
   B.   Major transportation and circulation elements intended to serve the PAD;
   C.   Existing zoning of the PAD site and parcels within 150 feet;
   D.   Adjacent parcels and structures within 150 feet of the PAD boundary;
   E.   Off-site open space, recreational facilities, parks, and trails within one mile of the PAD site;
   F.   Public, educational, community, and cultural facilities on site and within one mile off site;
   G.   Existing drainage;
   H.   PAD site affected by any overlay zone ordinances and the Major Streets and Routes (MS&R) Ordinance;
   I.   Inventory of existing structures, roads, and other development;
   J.   Location and extent of existing provisions for sewage disposal, effluent use, stormwater drainage, and utilities;
   K.   Inventory of existing infrastructure and public services;
   L.   Hydrology and water resources;
   M.   Topography and slope;
   N.   Vegetation and wildlife;
   O.   Geology and soils;
   P.   Viewsheds and visual analysis; and,
   Q.   Paleontological and cultural (archaeological and historical) sites, structures, and districts.