A may be expanded within an existing or new or in land area subject to approval by the Zoning Examiner in accordance with Section 3.4.3, Zoning Examiner Special Exception Procedure, and provided such expansion complies with the following standards:
   A.   The expansion is being undertaken within five years of the time the use became nonconforming;
   B.   The expansion complies with the standards. These standards include, but are not limited to, applicable to the use itself or for new construction, and motor vehicle parking standards, and and screening standards;
   C.   The expansion is for the or for a use that is accessory and to the operation of the existing ;
   D.   The amount of expansion does not exceed 50% of the of the existing or land area devoted to the existing . Incremental expansions, cumulatively, shall not exceed the 50% provision;
   E.   The expansion area adjoins the land area, within the same , which houses the ; and,
   F.   The expansion must comply with the standards listed for the Class of the in the most restrictive in which the is permitted as of right.