The interest of the City of Tucson is abandoned by recordation of the final plat. However, the interests of other entities may also have to be abandoned prior to recording the final plat. These entities include, but are not limited to:
•   Qwest Communications
•   Pima County Wastewater Management
•   Southwest Gas
•   Tucson Electric Power Company
•   Any private cablevision company
•   Any private water company
4.1   The developer must obtain from each entity having a record interest in an easement, as shown by a current title report, a recordable document such as a quit-claim deed or abandonment of easement which relinquishes its interest in the easement. The request for abandonment should be made to the entity holding an easement interest shortly after the () of the tentative plat. This is in order to allow adequate time for relocation of any facilities within the easement prior to abandonment and depiction of the new easement on the final plat.
4.2   The developer will record all such documents prior to or concurrently with the final plat and provide a copy of each recorded document to the Planning and Planning and Development Services Department (PDSD). These documents do not need to be cross-referenced on the resubdivision plat.
4.3   The abandonment of an easement does not occur until all documents from holders of interest have been recorded or submitted for recording with the final plat of the proposed resubdivision.