There is hereby established a Golf Advisory Committee of the Miami Shores Golf Club which shall be composed of five members, who are not required to be members of the Golf Club, but who shall be residents of the City and appointed to three-year terms, such terms to be staggered originally for periods of one, two and three years.  The Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Park Commissioners.  A member of the Board of Park Commissioners shall serve on the Committee but act without vote.  Such Committee shall have no official status with the City, and Committee members shall not be entitled to any compensation from the City.  The duties of the Committee shall be to regularly meet with the Miami Shores Golf Club members and golfing public to have an understanding of the concerns and recommendations of the members and the public regarding the operation and maintenance of the Miami Shores Golf Club.  The Committee shall incorporate those concerns and recommendations into regular communications with the Miami Shores Golf Professional, Golf Superintendent and the Board of Park Commissioners, with such communications to include the expertise of the Committee as it provides such recommendations.
(Ord. 48-02.  Passed 11-4-02.)