The inspection, grading, regrading and placarding of eating and drinking establishments within the municipality, or its police jurisdiction, the issuing, suspension and revocation of permits for the operation of such establishments, the sale of adulterated, misbranded or unwholesome food and drink, and the enforcement of this chapter shall be regulated in accordance with the terms of the unabridged form of the 1943 edition of the U.S. public health service ordinance regulating eating and drinking establishments, three (3) certified copies of which shall be on file in the office of the clerk; provided, however, that in section 2 of said U.S. public health service ordinance, itinerant restaurants shall be required to secure a permit.
Provided further that when any restaurant fails to qualify for any of the grades specified in the U.S. public health service ordinance, the health officer or other designated official is authorized to suspend the permit, or in lieu thereof, to degrade the restaurant and permit its operation during a temporary period not exceeding thirty (30) days. (1968 Code)