The following shall constitute the standing committees of the City Council. The following statements of duties shall be construed as generally descriptive and are not intended to limit or extend areas of responsibility for any committee:
   (A)   Administrative and Community Services. The Administrative and Community Service Committee provides liaison between the Council and the Zoning Officer, the Planning Commission, and the Historic Preservation Commission. The Committee also has certain oversight responsibilities specifically related to the Building and Zoning Department. Other duties of this Committee include oversight of matters pertaining to the administrative office, personnel, employment contracts, collective bargaining, and municipal property and building maintenance.
   (B)   Finance and Economic Development. The Finance and Economic Development Committee generally oversees all matters of purchasing, spending, bonding, taxing and other financial issues including the budget process. Major expenditures are often screened in advance by the Finance Committee even if the expenses have already been approved through the budget. Additionally, the Committee will provide counsel and oversight to the Economic Development and Tourism Coordinator, and provide liaison to the Economic Development Commission.
   (C)   Law Enforcement and Emergency Services. The Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Committee oversees matters related to the Police Department and emergency medical and disaster preparedness powers of the municipality. This Committee is charged with suggesting effective and efficient improvements in the operations of the respective operations including, but not limited to personnel levels. Although they have no influential authority in board decisions, the Committee serves as a liaison to the city’s Board of Police Commissioners and Police Pension Board. Those independent boards are charged by Illinois law with hiring, disciplining and promoting law enforcement officers and ensuring a solvent pension program for retired officers.
   (D)   Public Works. The Public Works Committee is generally charged with overseeing the operations of the city’s water, wastewater and street maintenance functions, including streets, sidewalks, right-of-way maintenance, storm water drainage, traffic and street signs, fleet maintenance, water and sewer infrastructure, street cleaning, and snow and ice removal.
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