General Provisions
   50.001   Definitions
   50.002   Prohibited deposits generally
   50.003   Combustible waste material
   50.004   Windblown waste material
   50.005   Burning waste material
   50.006   Grass and grass clippings
   50.007   Placing waste material in container of another person
   50.008   Waste material from industrial processes
   50.009   Parking or standing of hauling trucks
   50.010   Prima facie evidence of violations
Litter Control
   50.025   Dumping or depositing of litter prohibited; exemptions
   50.026   Dumping or depositing litter from motor vehicle prohibited
   50.027   Presumption of violation by operator throwing litter from motor vehicle
   50.028   Accumulation of litter prohibited
   50.029   Receptacles required in public areas
   50.030   Power of court to order removal of litter
Open Burning
   50.045   Open burning prohibited
   50.046   Exceptions
   50.047   Authorization required for burning on construction or demolition sites
   50.048   Constant attention to open fires required
   50.049   Garden hose or fire extinguishment devices required
   50.999   Penalty
   Abandoned vehicles, see §§ 70.40 through 70.44
   Nuisances, see Ch. 91; § 131.15
Statutory reference:
   Litter Control Act, see ILCS Ch. 415, Act 105, § 1
   Power of city to provide for disposal of refuse, garbage and ashes, see ILCS Ch. 65, Act 5, §§ 11-9-1 et seq.