Freedom of Information Act Compliance
   38.001   FOIA Officer designated
   38.002   Request for public record
   38.003   Training program
   38.004   Retrieval of records
   38.005   Copies
   38.006   Appeal of denial
   38.007   Records required
Identity Theft Prevention Program
   38.020   Program adoption
   38.021   Program purpose and definitions
   38.022   Identification of Red Flags
   38.023   Detecting Red Flags
   38.024   Preventing and mitigating identity theft
   38.025   Program administration
   38.026   Procedures
State Officials and Employees Ethics Act
   38.040   Adoption
Public Works Projects; Wages
   38.055   Application of state law; determination of prevailing wages
   38.056   Limitation on required application of prevailing wages
   38.057   Availability of wage determination to public
   38.058   Mailing copies of prevailing wages to interested parties
Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment
   38.070   Prohibition on sexual harassment
   38.071   Definition of sexual harassment
   38.072   Procedure for reporting an allegation of sexual harassment
   38.073   Prohibition on retaliation for reporting sexual harassment allegations
   38.074   Consequences of a violation of the prohibition on sexual harassment
   38.075   Consequences for knowingly making a false report
   Fee schedule, see Ch. 37, App. A