1185.01   Purpose.
1185.02   Definitions.
1185.03   Exempted signs.
1185.04   Prohibited signs.
1185.05   General design, erections and maintenance provisions.
1185.06   Temporary signs (additional permitted).
1185.07   Signs permitted in Residential Districts.
1185.08   Signs permitted in Office-Residential Districts.
1185.09   Signs permitted in Neighborhood, General and Olde Town Business Districts.
1185.10   Signs permitted in Business and Commercial Districts.
1185.11   Signs permitted in Industrial Districts.
1185.12   Signs permitted in Agricultural Districts.
1185.13   Signs permitted in Planned Unit Development Districts.
1185.14   Administration and enforcement.
1185.15   Non-conforming signs.
1185.16   Obsolete signs.
1185.17   Illegal signs.
1185.18   Penalty.
Table 1   Permitted Permanent and Temporary Signs by District.
Table 2   Permanent Ground Sign Size, Height and Setback Determination by District.
Appendix A   Sign Figures and Tables
Unauthorized traffic signs - see TRAF. 313.07
Sign definitions - see P. & Z. 1123.02