All off-street loading spaces shall be in accordance with the following standards and specifications:
   (a)   Dimensions.  Each loading space shall have a minimum dimension not less than ten (10) feet in width, twenty-five (25) feet in length and a vertical clearance of not less than fifteen (15) feet in height.
   (b)   Setbacks.  Notwithstanding other provisions of this regulation and other setback requirements, off-street loading spaces shall be located on the same lot as the specific use to be served.  Off-street loading spaces shall not occupy any part of a required front yard, and shall be situated no closer than fifty (50) feet to any lot in a Residential District.  Furthermore, no permitted or required off-street loading space shall be located within a required side yard when adjacent to a Residential District.
   (c)   Screening.  In addition to the setback requirements specified above, screening shall be provided on each side of an off-street loading space that abuts any Residential District.  Screening shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 1175 of this Code.
   (d)   Access.  All required off-street loading spaces shall have access from a public street or alley in such a manner that any vehicle leaving the premises shall be traveling in a forward motion.
   (e)   Paving.  Any required off-street loading spaces, together with its appurtenant driveways, aisles and other circulation areas, shall be surfaced with a pavement having an asphalt or concrete of sufficient strength to support vehicular loads imposed on it while providing a durable, dustless surface.
   (f)   Drainage.  All loading spaces, together with driveways, aisles and other circulation areas shall be graded and drained so as to dispose of surface water which might accumulate within or upon such area, and shall be designed to prevent the excess drainage of surface water onto adjacent properties, walkways or onto public streets.  Adequate arrangements shall be made to insure acceptable diversion to an adequate storm water drainage system.
   (g)   Lighting.  Any lights used to illuminate a loading area shall be shielded and so arranged as to reflect the light away from any adjacent properties or right-of-way.
      (Ord. 1-99. Passed 1-19-99.)