At the regular meeting in January 1996 following its election and every two (2) years thereafter, Council shall choose one of its members as Vice-Mayor to exercise all the powers and perform all the duties of the Mayor in the case of the Mayor's temporary absence or disability. Should the office of Mayor become vacant, the Vice-Mayor shall serve as acting Mayor until the next regular municipal election. For the purpose of Section 3-4 of the Charter, the Vice-Mayor's position shall be deemed vacant for the sole purpose of allowing a temporary appointment per the terms of Section 3-4. Upon election of a Mayor, the temporarily appointed Council Member shall be without office unless elected to or appointed to an open office.
   At such election, a Mayor shall be elected to serve for the unexpired term, if any; if not, for a full term. Upon the election of a Mayor, other than the Vice-Mayor then serving as Mayor, the Vice-Mayor may retain a position as Council Member for the remainder of his or her unexpired term.
(Amended 11/06/2012; 11/08/2016)