Beginning with the general election in November 1995 and thereafter, the Mayor shall be elected by a vote of the general public for a term of four (4) years, to commence on the first business day of January following his or her election. The elected Mayor thereafter shall retain his or her vote as a member of Council, but shall have no veto.
   In addition to his or her powers, rights and duties as a member of Council, the Mayor shall preside at all meetings and shall be recognized as the official head of the Municipality for all ceremonial purposes, by the Governor for military purposes and by the courts for the purpose of serving civil process. The Mayor shall perform all other duties prescribed in this Charter, or by law.
   The Mayor also shall have jurisdiction in civil and criminal cases as provided by the laws of Ohio, including all statutes now or hereafter enacted, until such jurisdiction is placed elsewhere by resolution of Council or by law.*
(Amended 11/02/2004)
   *Editor's Note: The Mayor's Court is currently not in use.