(a)   For the purpose of measuring the intensity and frequency of sound, the sound level meter, the octave band analyzer, and the impact noise analyzer shall be employed. The flat network and the fast meter response of the sound level meter shall be used. Sounds of short duration, as from forge hammers, punch presses, and metal shears, which cannot be measured accurately with the sound level meter, shall be measured with the impact noise analyzer.
   (b)   Octave band analyzers calibrated in the preferred frequencies (American Standards Association S1, 6-1960, Preferred Frequencies for Acoustical Measurements) shall be used with Table I (A through D). Octave band analyzers calibrated with pre-1960 Octave band (American Standards Association Z24-10-1953, Octave Band Filter Set) shall use Table IIA through IID in  Sections 1264.04 through 1264.06.  For impact sounds measured with the impact noise analyzer, the sound pressure levels set forth in Tables IA through ID and IIA through IID may be increased by 6 decibels in each octave band.
(Ord. 16-2003.  Passed 5-1-03.)