For the purpose of determining off-street parking requirements, the following units of measurement shall apply:
   (a)   Floor Area.  Floor area for nonresidential purposes shall be the sum of the gross horizontal area of all the floors of a building measured from the exterior faces of the exterior walls or from the center line of walls separating 2 buildings.
   (b)   Hospital Bassinets.  In hospitals, bassinets shall not be counted as beds.
   (c)   Places of Public Assembly.
      (1)   Benches.  In stadiums, sports arenas, churches, and other places of assembly in which those in attendance occupy benches, pews, or other similar seating facilities, every 24 inches of such seating facilities shall be counted as 1 seat for the purpose of determining the off-street parking requirements of this Zoning Code.
      (2)   Fixed seats and assembly area.  In cases where a place of assembly has both fixed seats and open assembly area, requirements shall be computed separately for each type and added together.
   (d)   Fractions.  When units of measurement determining the number of required parking spaces result in requirement of a fractional space, any fraction up to 1/2 shall be disregarded and fractions of over and including 1/2 shall require one parking space.
(Ord. 16-2003.  Passed 5-1-03.)