(a)   Utilization.  Required off-street parking facilities as listed in Section 1262.02 shall be solely for the parking of motor vehicles in operating condition, or patrons, occupants, or employees of such uses.
   (b)   Size.  A required off-street parking space shall be at least 10 feet in width and at least 20 feet in length, exclusive of access drives or aisles, ramps, columns, office or work area.
   (c)   Access.  Each required off-street parking space shall open directly on an aisle or driveway of such width and design as to provide safe and efficient means of vehicular access to the parking space. The aisle or driveway shall not be used for the parking of other vehicles, except that the driveway of a single-family residence may be counted as a parking space.
   (d)   Required Yards.  Structures and buildings containing off-street parking shall be subject to the yard requirements applicable in the district in which located. Off-street parking areas open to the sky may be located on any yard, except that:
      (1)   In any residential zoning district or in the P-S Zoning District, off-street parking shall not be located in any required front yard.
      (2)   In any residential zoning district on a corner lot devoted to a residential use, the off- street parking shall not be located closer to the side lot line bounding a street than the minimum side yard width prescribed by the development standards for the district.
      (3)   If a lot is devoted to a nonresidential use and if its front lot line, side lot line, or rear lot line separates the lot from a lot in a residential district, the off-street parking facilities located thereon shall not be closer to such lot line than the minimum front yard depth, side yard width, or rear yard depth prescribed by the development standard for the district.
   (e)   Location.  All required parking spaces shall be located as follows:
      (1)   In any residential zoning district, on the same lot as the building or use served.
      (2)   In a business district, on the same lot as the building or use served, or a contiguous parcel, or within 400 feet of the principal structure.
      (3)   In any industrial district, on the same lot as the building or use served, or a contiguous parcel, or within 1,000 feet of the nearest point of the principal structures. However, no off-street parking facilities for a business or industrial use shall be located in a residential district.
   (f)   Restricted Parking Lots.  Notwithstanding the provisions of division (e) of this section, the Zoning Administrator may permit the use of land lying in a zoning district in which parking lots otherwise are not a permissible use, as restricted parking lots.
      (1)   The approval of a restricted parking lot must be based on a finding that:
         A.   The parcel to be used is located not more than 50 feet from the parcel on which is located the land use requiring the parking facilities.
         B.   The parking lot or parking lots shall be for use in connection with a permissible use in an adjacent zoning district, whether the adjacent district is within the territory subject to this Zoning Code or is within a territory subject to the zoning restrictions of another zoning authority. The parking lot shall be used solely for the parking of private passenger vehicles.
         C.   The parking lot shall not be used for repair work or vehicle servicing or loading of any kind, and no advertising signs of any kind shall be erected on the lot.
         D.   The parking lot shall be closed between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., except as may be otherwise permitted by the Board of Zoning Appeals.
      (2)   The Zoning Administrator shall impose further conditions, such as screening and landscaping, as may be deemed necessary and appropriate, in order to reduce the adverse effect of a parking lot on the preservation of the residential character and development of the residential district in which the parking lot is proposed to be located.
   (g)   Repair and Service.  No motor vehicle repair work or service of any kind, except emergency repairs, shall be permitted in or in association with any off-street parking area.
(Ord. 16-2003.  Passed 5-1-03.)