A.   Fee Imposed: There is hereby imposed and levied a license fee on the Business, location, trade, calling or profession for every person engaged in a Business within the City, which shall be established by resolution and which may be changed from time to time and listed in the City’s uniform fee schedule.  Except for bona fide charitable organizations holding a valid Section 501(c)(3) designation from the Internal Revenue Service, every person or entity engaged in business in the City shall be required to pay a business license fee on an annual basis. Business license fees required by this Title must be paid in addition to any other fees imposed on a particular business or type of business by any other City ordinance. 
   B.   Inspections Required: Notwithstanding the provisions of this Section, if, due to the nature or location of the Business, state or local law or regulation require that fire and safety inspections be conducted of the premises by representatives of the local fire authority, to wit: the Hurricane Valley Fire District or the Utah State Fire Marshall, prior to allowing the person’s business to be conducted thereon, then the person shall be assessed and shall pay to the City, in advance, an inspection fee, as established by those public safety agencies, to cover the costs of said inspection(s).
   C.   Rebate of Fee: No rebate or refund of any license fee or part thereof shall be made by reason of the nonuse of a Business License or by reason of a change of location or type. Annual license fees shall be refunded only by reason of denial by the License Officer of the initial application or renewal application. (Ord. 2020.14, 7-16-2020)