The City Clerk/Recorder is hereby designated and appointed as ex officio City License Officer and shall issue licenses in the name of the City to all persons qualified under the provisions of this Title and shall remit to the City Treasurer all license fees collected hereunder. In addition to all other powers granted hereunder, the License Officer or designees shall have the following powers:
   A.   Adopt Forms: Authority to adopt all forms necessary or desirable to facilitate orderly and systematic issuance of all Business Licenses and ensure the preservation of business records.
   B.   Investigation of Applicants: Authority to authorize investigation of any applicant or Licensee, either at the time of issuance of a license, or at any reasonable time thereafter, in order to determine the eligibility of such applicant or Licensee for the issuance or renewal of a Business License.  The License Officer may engage the help and services of appropriate law enforcement and public safety agencies, public utility providers or other City departments for purposes of conducting such investigations. 
   C.   Inspection of Premises and Records: Inspect proposed or existing places of business to ensure compliance with building, safety and health codes and inspect books and records of any applicant for the administration and enforcement of this Title; provided, however, that any such inspection of premises or business records shall be at reasonable times and upon prior notice to the applicant or Licensee.
   D.   Determination of Standing of Applicant Or Licensee: Make a determination whether the applicant or Licensee is in violation of any provision of any ordinance of the City, or indebted or obligated in any manner to the City or any department thereof, or in violation of any City land use regulation (Toquerville City Code Title 10 - Toquerville Land Management Code) by reason of the condition of the business premises or the use to be made thereof.
   E.   Require Necessary Affidavits: When considered necessary in the discretion of the License Officer, require affidavits regarding the prior history of the applicant, indicating whether such person has had prior business experience, has had a prior business license revoked or suspended, or any other information with respect to the applicant’s prior experience or personal integrity, including a record of prior convictions or arrests of the applicant or Licensee.
   F.   Issuance of Notice of Acceptance or Rejection: Notify any applicant or Licensee of the acceptance or rejection of the application for a Business License or the renewal of a Business License, and, in the event of rejection, said notice shall state in writing the reasons for such rejection. The License Officer shall also have authority to notify the Licensee of any facts constituting a violation of any ordinance of the City.
   G.   Enforcement: Be responsible for coordinating the enforcement of all provisions of this Title, and shall cause to be filed complaints against all persons or entities violating any of the provisions of this Title. (Ord. 2020.14, 7-16-2020)