A.   Upon application from seventy five percent (75%) of the owners of structures located upon a thoroughfare for a change in thoroughfare name identification, and upon payment of a minimum fee, the planning commission shall review the application and make a determination as to the propriety of the requested change. If the request is granted by the city council, the balance of the associated costs for the name change shall be paid before the thoroughfare designation shall be included in the official file of the city and in the official property identification numbers (addresses) assigned to such thoroughfare.
   B.   If, in the opinion of the city council, a requested change of thoroughfare name identification is necessary for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the city, the city council may, at its discretion, waive payment of the fee and associated costs for such change and for issuance of new property identification certificates. (Ord. 2008.02, 3-13-2008, eff. 3-13-2008)