A.   Created: There is hereby created the position of building official, who shall also be known as the city building inspector. (1977 Code § 9-511)
   B.   Powers And Duties:
      1.   Stop Order: The building inspector shall have the power to order all work stopped on construction, alteration or repairs of buildings in the city when such work is being done in violation of any provisions of any ordinance relating thereto, or in violation of the subdivision or zoning ordinance. Work shall not be resumed after the issuance of such order, except on the written permission of the building inspector; provided, that if the stop order is an oral one, it shall be followed by a written stop order within one hour. Such written stop order may be served by any peace officer or other authorized person. (1977 Code § 9-512)
      2.   Entry Powers: The building inspector shall have the power to enter into any building or the premises where the work of altering, repairing or constructing any building or structure is going on, for the purpose of making inspections at any reasonable hour, pursuant to any of the provisions of this chapter and title 10 of this code. (1977 Code § 9-513)
      3.   Additional Duties: The building official (inspector) shall, in addition to all other duties imposed on him by this city:
         a.   Enforce the provisions of the codes adopted in section 9-1-2 of this chapter.
         b.   Inspect all buildings, structures, ditches, signs, fences and objects to determine their safety and effect on the persons who are within the city. (1977 Code § 9-514; amd. 2014 Code)