A.   The city shall not be liable for any damage to a water service user by reason of stoppage or interruption of his or her water supply service:
      1.   Caused by fires, scarcity of water or accidents to the water, the water system or its mains;
      2.   Which occurs as the result of maintenance and extension operations;
      3.   Which results from suspension, discontinuance or shut off of water services pursuant to section 8-1-8 of this chapter to limit or prevent contamination of the water supply or water system due to a cross connection or suspected cross connection; or
      4.   From any other unavoidable cause.
   B.   This section shall not be construed to extend the liability of the city beyond that provided in the governmental immunity act. (Ord. 2012.03, 4-12-2012, eff. 4-12-2012)