A.   Turning On Water After Being Turned Off: It shall be unlawful for any person, after the water has been turned off from the premises for nonpayment of water charges or other violations, or resolutions pertaining to the water supply, to turn on or to allow the water to be turned on or used without authority from the city. (Ord. 2012.03, 4-12-2012, eff. 4-12-2012; amd. 2014 Code)
   B.   Unauthorized Users: It shall be unlawful for any water service user to permit any person from other premises or any unauthorized person to use or obtain water services regularly from his premises or water facilities, either outside or inside his premises.
   C.   Faulty Equipment: It shall be unlawful for any water user to:
      1.   Waste water.
      2.   Allow it to be wasted by stops, taps, valves, leaky joints or pipes, or to allow tanks or watering troughs to leak or overflow.
      3.   Wastefully run water from hydrants, faucets or stops, or through basins, water closets, urinals, sinks or other apparatus.
      4.   Use the water for purposes other than for those which he has applied, or to use water in violation of the rules and regulations for controlling the water supply. (Ord. 2012.03, 4-12-2012, eff. 4-12-2012)