A.   Pipes To Be Kept In Good Repair: All users of water services shall keep their service pipes and connections and other apparatus in good repair and protected from frost at their own expense. No person, except under the direction of the water superintendent, shall be allowed to dig into the street for the purpose of laying, removing or repairing any service pipe.
   B.   Quality Of Service Pipe:
      1.   All service and other pipe used in conjunction with the water services of the city shall be of such material and quality and be installed at such distances below ground as may be specified by the standards and specifications for public improvements adopted and amended from time to time by the city. All work, alterations or extensions affecting water pipes shall be subject to the acceptance of the water department.
      2.   No consumer shall be permitted to conduct water pipes across lots or buildings to adjoining premises without permission from the water department and subject to such requirements relating to controls as may be imposed by him.
   C.   Sprinkling Vehicles: Vehicles for sprinkling shall be regulated and controlled by the water department through the superintendent of the water department.
   D.   Department To Have Free Access: The water superintendent and his agents shall at all ordinary hours have free access to any place supplied with water services from the city system for the purpose of examining the apparatus and ascertaining the amount of water service being used and the manner of its use.
   E.   Water Not Supplied For Motors, Syphons, Etc.: No water shall be supplied from the pipes of the city water system for the purpose of driving motor, syphon, turbine or other wheels, or any hydraulic engines or elevators, or for driving or propelling machinery of any kind whatsoever, nor shall any license be granted or issued for any such purpose, except by special permission of the city council.
   F.   Sprinklers:
      1.   It shall be unlawful for any person to use such number of outlets simultaneously or to use such sprinkler or combinations of sprinklers or outlets as will, in the opinion of the city council, materially affect the pressure or supply of water in the city water system or any part thereof, and the city council may from time to time, by resolution, specify combinations or numbers of outlets which may have such effect.
      2.   The city council shall, after determining that such improper use exists, notify the affected water user or the owner of the premises whereon such use occurs of such determination in writing, order such use discontinued and advise that such continued usage constitutes a violation of this subsection.
   G.   Scarcity Of Water: In time of scarcity of water, whenever it shall in the judgment of the mayor and the city council be necessary, the mayor shall by proclamation limit the use of water to such extent as may be necessary. It shall be unlawful for any person, his family, servants or agents, to violate any proclamation made by the mayor in pursuance of this subsection.
   H.   Waste Of Water:
      1.   Users of water from the city water system shall not permit water to continue to run wastefully and without due efforts to conserve water. If, in the judgment of the water superintendent or any of the officers of the city, a user of city water engages in practices which result in the needless waste of water and continues so to do after reasonable notice to discontinue wastefulness has been given, the superintendent, or any officer, may refer the matter to the city council.
      2.   The city council may thereupon consider terminating the right of the individual to use culinary water. If it elects to consider the matter of termination, it shall give notice to the water user of the intention to terminate their water connection at least five (5) days prior to the meeting of the city council at which termination of water service is to be considered. The notice shall inform him of the time and place of the meeting and of the charges which led to the consideration of the termination.
      3.   A water user whose right to utilize city water is being reviewed shall have the opportunity to appear, with or without counsel, and present his reasons why his water service should not be discontinued.
      4.   After due hearing, the city council may arrive at a determination. If the determination is to discontinue the wasteful water user's service connection, it shall notify them of the decision and of the period during which the service will remain discontinued. (Ord. 2012.03, 4-12-2012, eff. 4-12-2012; amd. 2014 Code)