A.   Petition: Any person or persons, including any subdivider, who desires to have the water mains extended within the city, and is willing to advance the whole expense of such extension and receive the return of an agreed portion thereof, as hereinafter provided, may make application of the city council by petition. The petition shall contain a description of such proposed extension, accompanied by a map showing the location of the proposed extension, together with an offer to advance the whole expense thereof, which cost shall be verified by the water superintendent. The city council may grant or deny the petition as in its discretion deems best for the welfare of existing water users in the city.
   B.   Costs Of Extensions Determined: Upon the receipt of such petition and map and before the petition is granted, the city council shall obtain from the water superintendent a certified statement showing the whole cost of expense of making such extension.
   C.   Amount Of Cost Deposited With Recorder: If the city council grants the petition, the amount of the cost of making the extension, as certified by the superintendent, shall be deposited with the city recorder before any work shall be done on such extension. The deposit shall be made within thirty (30) days, or such other time as the city council shall indicate, after the granting thereof.
   D.   Return Of Any Money; Forfeiture:
      1.   At the time the city council decides whether or not to grant the petition for an extension, it shall also decide whether or not any portion of the costs is to be refunded and the manner and the circumstances under which such refund shall be made or credited to the applicant, his successors or representatives. Such determination shall be duly recorded in writing and a copy thereof furnished to the applicant. (Ord. 2012.03, 4-12-2012, eff. 4-12-2012)
      2.   In the event any deposit remains unclaimed for a period of two (2) years after the depositor has discontinued water service, the deposit may be forfeited and then transferred to the water utility fund. (Ord. 2012.03, 4-12-2012, eff. 4-12-2012; amd. 2014 Code)
   E.   Ownership Of Extension: Any such extension shall be deemed the property of the city. (Ord. 2012.03, 4-12-2012, eff. 4-12-2012)