All residents shall use the residential contract service that has been awarded by the city. Commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential customers shall contract with a licensed private collector for industrial, commercial and multi-family residential bin collection who meets all city requirements. Residents shall not negotiate solid waste services other than those arranged by the city and shall not opt to assume the responsibility of disposal for themselves.
   (A)   Residential; franchise fee. The city grants to the private solid waste contractor the exclusive right and obligation to provide solid waste collection services for residential and business establishments within the city boundaries, present and future. The terms of such exclusive franchise shall be in accordance with the provisions of such sanitation contract between the private solid waste contractor and the city. No other person or entity except such contractor shall be permitted to convey or transport residential within the city. The city shall bill each residential customer a franchise fee, as established by the city, on a monthly basis.
   (B)   Commercial/industrial/multifamily contracts requirements. Private collectors may execute agreements for the collection of solid waste from any commercial/industrial/multi-family unit in the city.
(Ord. 2016-06-578, passed 6-7-16)