§ 153.232  TREES.
   (A)   Trees shall be planted in each subdivision. Each subdivider shall follow the standards required by §§ 92.16 through 92.24 for the planting of trees along all road and street rights-of-way within their subdivision (including both sides of a road or street). The subdivision owner shall be responsible for furnishing, installing, and paying all costs associated with compliance with the aforementioned ordinance.
   (B)   All trees shall be planted in accordance with § 92.17. The type of tree which can be planted shall be in accordance with § 92.18. Requirements for planting and maintenance required by §§ 92.16 through 92.24 shall be followed by the subdivision owner.
   (C)   All trees must be planted prior to final approval of the subdivision’s streets and the release of bonds.
(Ord. 97-7, passed 7-1-1997, § 6.3)