(A)   Wet bottom stormwater storage facilities shall be designed in compliance with all regulations which govern the construction of dry bottom stormwater storage facilities, and the following additional regulations.
   (B)   The water surface area of the permanent pool shall not exceed one-fifth of the area of the tributary watershed, or as authorized by the Village Engineer.
   (C)   Minimum normal water depth (excluding safety ledges and side slopes) shall be four feet, provided, however, that if fish are to be maintained in the pool, at least one-quarter of the pond area shall be a minimum of ten feet deep.
   (D)   Measures shall be included in the design to minimize pond stagnation and to help ensure adequate aerobic pond conditions.
   (E)   Maximum side slopes below the normal water elevation shall not be steeper than three to one to a point at which the normal water depth is no less than four feet. A ten-foot wide flat safety ledge shall be constructed at that point, four feet below the normal pool water surface. Below the four-foot depth, the side slopes shall not be steeper than the stable angle of repose under saturated conditions of the soil material in the basin.
   (F)   Facilities shall be provided to lower the pond elevation at least three feet for cleaning purposes and shoreline maintenance.
   (G)   Warning signs shall be placed at appropriate locations to warn of deep water, possible flood conditions during storm periods, and of other dangers that exist to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
   (H)   Protection of the shoreline shall be provided to alleviate soil erosion due to wave action.
   (I)   The volume of water permanently stored therein shall not be considered to be a part of the required excess stormwater storage.
(Ord. 97-7, passed 7-1-1997, § 5.19)