(A)   All subdivisions shall be provided with inlets and underground drainage facilities having a design capacity adequate to carry off surface water falling or coming on the streets and developed areas in a five- year return period storm event under the projected final state of development of the entire upstream watershed.
   (B)   Minor drainage system components shall consist of storm sewers, street gutters, small open channels, and swales designed to store and convey the peak rate of runoff from the five-year return period precipitation event of critical duration.
   (C)   Major drainage components, such as open ditches and large surface swales draining 40 acres or more in area, shall be designed to store and convey stormwater flows beyond the capacity of the minor drainage components. They shall be designed to convey the peak rate of runoff from the 100-year return period precipitation event. No buildings or structures shall be constructed within these open ditches or large surface swales; however, streets, parking lots, playgrounds, park areas, pedestrian walkways, open green space, and utility and sewer easements may be considered compatible uses.
(Ord. 97-7, passed 7-1-1997, § 5.19)