(A)   Disinfection of all potable watermains shall be conducted in general accordance with Disinfecting Water Mains, AWWA Standards and applicable state statues, codes and administrative rules. The subdivider shall be responsible for and pay all costs associated with watermain disinfection. Satisfactory disinfection is demonstrated when two consecutive water samples collected from the completed project at least 24 hours apart indicated no bacterial growths as measured by the membrane filter technique or no tubes positive as measured by the presumptive test, fermentation tube method.
   (B)   All new watermains shall be satisfactorily disinfected prior to use. All new community water supplies shall collect two consecutive representative samples at least 24 hours apart and receive satisfactory results from the analyses before an operating permit will be issued.
   (C)   The requirement for collecting two consecutive samples may be modified for watermain construction projects at existing community water supplies practicing chlorination in accordance with standards and applicable state statutes, codes and administrative rules. Water supplies practicing adequate chlorination are required to collect only one satisfactory sample set before issuance of the operating permit provided adequate chlorine residual is present at the point of connection.
   (D)   Adequate chlorine residuals exist in a distribution system when there is a minimum on 0.2 mg/l free chlorine residual for water supplies practicing free chlorination of .05 mg/l combined chlorine residual for water supplies practicing combined chlorination. Projects in these supplies shall be considered satisfactorily disinfected if one water sample set indicates no bacteria.
   (E)   If the analyses indicate the presence of contamination, resampling at the sampling point indication contamination is required and results pursuant to the requirement of this section shall be obtained.
   (F)   Analyses of these samples shall be performed by an agency laboratory or another certified laboratory. The operating permit application shall be sent to the Division of Public Water Supplies Permit Section at the same time as the water samples are sent to the agency laboratory. The laboratory report sheets shall be submitted with the completed operating permit application if another certified laboratory is used.
(Ord. 97-7, passed 7-1-1997, § 5.17)