(A)   Watermains and water service lines shall be protected from sanitary and storm sewers, house service connections and drains. Installation of watermains and sewer mains shall comply with Standard Drawings 18 through 24 of the state’s Standard Specifications for Water and Sewer Mains.
   (B)   Watermains shall be located at least ten feet horizontally from any existing or new drain, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, combined sewer, or sewer service connection.
   (C)   Watermains may be located closer than ten feet to a sewer line when:
      (1)   Local conditions prevent a lateral separation of ten feet;
      (2)   The watermain invert is at least 18 inches above the crown of the sewer; and
      (3)   The watermain is either in a separate trench or in the same trench on an undisturbed earth shelf located to one side of the sewer.
   (D)   When it is impossible to meet either of the conditions in divisions (B) or (C) above, both the watermain and drain or sewer pipe shall be constructed of push-on or mechanical joint ductile-iron pipe or PVC SDR rated pipe equivalent to watermain standards of construction. The drain or sewer shall be pressure tested to the maximum expected surcharge head before backfilling.
   (E)   A watermain shall be separated from a sewer pipe so that its invert is a minimum of 18 inches above the crown of the drain or sewer pipe whenever watermains cross storm sewers, sanitary sewers or sewer service connections. The vertical separation shall be maintained for that portion of the watermain located within ten feet horizontally of any sewer or drain crossed. A length of watermain pipe shall be centered over the sewer pipe to be crossed with joints equidistant from the sewer or drain pipe.
   (F)   Both the waterrmain and sewer pipe shall be constructed of push-on or mechanical joint ductile-iron pipe or PVC SDR-rated pipe equivalent to watermain standards of construction when:
      (1)   It is impossible to obtain the proper vertical separation as described in division (E) above; or
      (2)   The watermain passes under a sewer or drain pipe.
   (G)   A vertical separation of 18 inches between the invert of the sewer or drain pipe and the crown of the watermain shall be maintained where a watermain crosses under a sewer. Support the sewer or drain pipes to prevent settling and breaking the watermain, as shown on the drawings or as authorized by the developer’s engineer. Construction shall extend on each side of the crossing until the perpendicular distance from the watermain to the sewer or drain pipe is at least ten feet.
   (H)   No watermain shall pass through or come into contact with any part of a sewer or sewer manhole.
(Ord. 97-7, passed 7-1-1997, § 5.16)