(A)   The subdivider may, at her or his option and expense, where working conditions and right-of-way permit, and with the approval of the developer’s engineer, provide protection to the excavated trench by sloping and benching the walls of the excavation, in lieu of providing a structural support system, with the following limitations:
      (1)   Only structural support systems shall be used for protection to excavations in traveled streets, highways, or alleys;
      (2)   Only structural support systems shall be used adjacent to streets, highways, alleys, or sidewalls below the intersection of a one to one slope line from the nearest face of the excavation to the edge of the pavement; and
      (3)   Only structural support systems shall be used adjacent to a building or bridge unless a state- licensed professional engineer has determined that the building or bridge is in no danger of being affected by the excavation.
   (B)   When trenching with sloping sides is permitted, the slopes shall not extend below the top of the pipe. Trench walls below the top of the pipe shall be vertical with size and width not exceeding the specified values herein for the size of the pipe.
   (C)   Design of sloping and benching systems shall be in conformance with the OSHA Standard.
(Ord. 97-7, passed 7-1-1997, § 5.16)