§ 153.115  GENERAL.
   (A)   The classification and location of all streets shall conform to the Comprehensive Plan, including the Major Streets Plan, and this section, and shall be planned in relation to existing and proposed streets, topographical conditions, public safety and convenience, and anticipated land use.
   (B)   Each lot or parcel of ground within a new subdivision shall be adjacent to a public street.
   (C)   The street system in each new subdivision shall continue and extend existing, connecting streets in adjoining subdivisions, except that minor streets shall not be required to cross major streets unless such continuation and crossing is deemed necessary to promote pedestrian and/or vehicular circulation and safety.
   (D)   The street system in each new subdivision shall be extended and dedicated to any property adjacent to the subdivision, except those instances in which the adjacent property is not and cannot be subdivided.
   (E)   No private streets shall be permitted.
   (F)   When a subdivision borders on and has lots fronting on or contiguous to a present or proposed arterial street, as depicted or described in the Comprehensive Plan and/or Major Streets Plan, necessary traffic service to lots of the subdivision bordering such facility shall be provided by a marginal access street, local, or collector street, unless otherwise authorized by the Village Engineer.
   (G)   Access to an arterial street from a marginal access street, local street, or collector street shall be taken at approximately one-fourth mile intervals, unless subdivision frontage is less than one-fourth mile, in which case the subdivision shall have no more than one access point to the arterial street, at a location to be approved by the Board of Trustees.
(Ord. 97-7, passed 7-1-1997, § 5.14.1)