§ 153.090  CONSTRUCTION.
   (A)   Improvements required and/or regulated by this chapter shall be constructed in accordance with approved engineering drawings and specification, the standards, requirements, and regulations set forth in this chapter, other applicable village ordinances, and any requirements or special conditions of any permitting agency.
   (B)   All required improvements shall be made by the developer, at its expense, without reimbursement by the village, except that, as may be allowed under state law, the developer may form or cause to be formed a special district or districts to construct and finance the construction of required public improvements, excluding lot developments on individual lots. If the subdivider does form or cause to be formed a special district for the purposes identified in this section, the village shall not release the subdivider from its obligations under any subdivision improvement agreement or shall the village release any security, in whole or in part, until the special district has sold bonds or otherwise certifies to the village that it has an absolute right to raise revenues sufficient to construct, maintain, and warrant the quality of the required public improvements.
   (C)   If, in the course of construction, the subdivider wished to modify the size, type, quality, quantity, performance, and/or location of any or all of the improvements required or regulated by these regulations, the subdivider’s engineer shall submit a request to the Village Engineer for review and approval of the change prior to proceeding with installation of the modified improvement. Minor field changes based upon field conditions that do not impact the suitability or performance of the improvements shall not require advance review of the Village Engineer. Verbal requests shall be followed by written documentation within two days.
   (D)   It shall be the duty of the developer’s engineer to notify the Village Engineer and Maintenance Supervisor at least one day (and preferably two days) in advance of any starting, suspended, resumption, or completion of each phase of construction work.
   (E)   The degree of engineering observations during actual construction operations (as contrasted with preparatory and clean-up operation, for example) shall be 100% during storm sewer, sanitary sewer, watermain, forcemain, and pavement construction. The observation shall be performed by the developer’s engineer or by a person working under the direction of the developer’s engineer. All construction shall be performed in accordance with the approved engineering drawings and specifications, with an observer present as stated herein, or the Village Engineer shall recommend stopping all construction operations.
   (F)   The observation by the developer’s engineer shall be adequate to assure that all work complies with the approved engineering drawings and specifications and the ordinance.
   (G)   Tests required by this chapter shall be performed solely by independent testing laboratories, the subdivider’s engineer or qualified personnel employed by the subdivider’s engineer, and shall be performed at the subdivider’s expense. The subdivider shall direct that the results of required tests be mailed or delivered to the Village Engineer immediately upon completion of the subdivision and that no test results be withheld from the village.
(Ord. 97-7, passed 7-1-1997, § 5.6)