At any time within one year after receiving preliminary plat approval, the subdivider shall submit to the Plat Officer:
   (A)   Ten copies of the final plat, 14 calendar days prior to any regular meeting of the Plan Commission;
   (B)   Also, the subdivider shall submit to the Village Engineer three copies of the engineering drawings and specifications for the subdivision on the same date as submission of the ten copies of the final plat;
   (C)   Stormwater drainage calculations, design analyses, and other such supporting documentation as the Village Engineer may deem necessary for review of the engineering drawings;
   (D)   The submittal or resubmittal of a final plat for a subdivision within the corporate limits of the village or within the one and one-half mile of extraterritorial jurisdictional area of the village shall be accompanied by a fee as determined from time to time by resolution of the Board of Trustees;
   (E)   For those submissions involving annexation agreements, the applicable application fee shall be as determined from time to time by resolution of the Board of Trustees. The check shall be made payable to the Village of Tolono;
   (F)   Completed final plat application form, including all attachments thereto;
   (G)   Not less than one copy of all other required documents, as set forth in § 153.071(B)(8);
   (H)   Any required floodplain development permit or applicable letter of map revision; and
   (I)   All formal irrevocable offers of dedication to the public of all streets, local government uses, utilities, parks, and easements, in a form approved by the Village Attorney, and the subdivision plat shall be marked with a notation indicating the formal offers of dedication.
(Ord. 97-7, passed 7-1-1997, § 4.11.1)