The Plan Commission shall examine the preliminary plat for compliance with these regulations with special attention given to the following (a similar review shall be made by the Village Engineer if requested by the Plat Officer or the Board of Trustees):
   (A)   Design standards and information requirements as set forth by these regulations;
   (B)   Streets and thoroughfares as related to neighborhood circulation and existing and proposed topography;
   (C)   Existing zoning and existing and planned land use;
   (D)   The Comprehensive Plan, including the Land Use Plan and Major Street Plan;
   (E)   Land required for schools, parks, or other public use;
   (F)   Utility methods and systems, drainage and street improvements;
   (G)   Watercourses and floodplain areas;
   (H)   The existence of threatened or endangered species of plants or animals; and
   (I)   The existence of archaeological or historic resources.
(Ord. 97-7, passed 7-1-1997, § 4.9.8)