(A)   Not less than 21 days before the preliminary plat is considered by the Plan Commission, information concerning the proposed subdivision shall be submitted by the developer to the Soil and Water Conservation District for comments as to:
      (1)   Suitability of soils for building construction and problems that may arise in the event good engineering practices are not followed;
      (2)   Suitability of soils for septic tank system;
      (3)   Best use of soils in the area in question; and
      (4)   Possible measures to be taken to control erosion and sedimentation during site development.
   (B)   The developer shall submit a written opinion from the Soil and Water Conservation District concerning the proposed subdivision to the Chairperson of the Plan Commission. This opinion may be in the form of a natural resources report by the Soil and Water Conservation District. This report will not be required for replat subdivisions, if a report has previously been prepared by the District within the previous ten years.
   (C)   All fees as required by this section shall be paid by the subdivider directly to the County Soil and Water Conservation District.
(Ord. 97-7, passed 7-1-1997, § 4.9.3)