§ 153.007  VALIDITY.
   (A)   In accordance with state law, no deed or other instrument of transfer of real property within the corporate limits or within the one-mile-and-a-half extraterritorial jurisdiction of the village shall be accepted by the County Recorder for recording unless said deed or other instrument of transfer is to a lot or parcel platted and on file or accompanied with a plat approved by the Plan Commission and the Board of Trustees.
   (B)   No person owning land composing a subdivision, or his or her agent, shall transfer or sell or agree to sell any lot or parcel of land located within such subdivision by reference to, or exhibition of, or by any other use of a plat of such subdivision, before such plat has been approved, filed and recorded as provided in this chapter. The description of such lot or parcel by metes and bounds in any contract or instrument of transfer or other document used in the process of selling or transferring same shall not exempt such owner or agent from the penalties provided herein.
   (C)   No building or occupancy permit shall be issued for any lot hereafter platted unless such lot has been approved, filed, and recorded in accordance with the requirements of this chapter.
   (D)   (1)   The application fees set forth herein are established with the understanding that all plats and their supporting documents are presented to the village in final form and that all submittals are fully complete.
      (2)   In the event that the subdivider provides the village with incomplete submittals or materials which require substantial review and revision by the village on more than two occasions, the village may, at its option, consider the materials as being incomplete and any approvals granted as void. Further review and action of such incomplete documents shall occur only upon resubmittal of those materials, including payment of any associated application fee.
(Ord. 97-7, passed 7-1-1997, § 7.1)