§ 51.21  METHODS.
   Residents desiring to utilize the second water meter shall have the following options.
   (A)   Temporary meter. Residents may utilize a temporary second water meter provided by the village and connected under the supervision of the village for service running from the months of no earlier than April 1 and no later than November 1 of each year. To secure a meter, the resident shall tender a deposit of $75 with her or his permit application which shall be returned upon the return of said second water meter in good condition on or before November 1 of each year.
   (B)   Permits and fees. To install a temporary second water meter, a resident must submit a completed application attached to the ordinance codified herein and identified as Form 2 together with an annual fee in the amount of $40 in addition to the deposit, if required. Such application shall be completed for each year a temporary second water meter is used. Only one initial application shall be submitted for a permanent second water meter. An annual fee of $20 for the permanent second water meter shall be paid when billed by the village. Failure to make timely payment shall constitute the election and waiver of the applicant to receive the audit provided for in § 51.22.
   (C)   Permanent meter. At said resident’s expense, the resident may alternatively elect to install a permanent second water meter for the purposes identified under this subchapter to be installed by a licensed plumber. In such instance, the resident must first secure a permit to do so from the village and further submit an affidavit substantially similar to Form 1 attached to the ordinance codified herein from said licensed plumber confirming that said second water meter has been connected consistent with the requirements of this subchapter. In the event that a resident elects to install a permanent second water meter, said resident shall further consent to inspection by the village upon 24 hours’ written notice for the purposes of confirming that plumbing is appropriately connected to said second water meter consistent with the requirements of this chapter. In the event that access is either denied by the resident or, in the alternative, that the village determines that the resident has illegally connected said second water meter, then as a condition of accepting a permanent second water meter, the credit provided resident in § 51.22 will discontinue until such time as the violation has been corrected where the inspection has taken place confirming that no violation exists. This remedy shall be in addition to any other remedy provided for under this ordinance or otherwise by law.
   (D)   Back  flow. All meters, whether permanent or temporary, shall contain certified “back flow” prevention devises sufficient to prevent the back flow of any water into the village’s water system.
(Ord. 98-1, passed 3-17-1998)