(A)   Full-time officers will be given two personal days off with pay to be used within the calendar year that commences on their seniority date and must be used before the next anniversary date. Those officers working four ten-hour shifts per week shall receive two ten-hour personal leave days. If an officer is regularly scheduled to work five eight-hour shifts, she or he will receive two eight-hour personal days off with pay.
   (B)   Personal leave with pay will be considered hours worked for purposes of calculating overtime. Requests for personal days must be approved at least 72 hours in advance, except in emergency situations or situations where the officer’s need for time out could not have been planned more than 72 hours in advance. In those circumstances, requests must be made as soon as practical and, to the extent possible, must not conflict with the manpower requirements of the department. Personal leave must be taken in full shift increments for one of the days, but may be taken in one-hour increments for the other. Any personal days not used within the calendar year will be lost.
(Ord. 2014-07, passed 5-20-2014)