(A)   (1)   Regular full-time officers may be assigned to work either four ten-hour workdays or five eight-hour workdays per work week with two consecutive days off, with at least one officer scheduled off both Saturday and Sunday unless work hours are shortened due to budgetary constraints. The senior officer shall be allowed to retain the current shift and days off assignment throughout the contract as long as ten-hour shifts are maintained. Other full- time officers are assigned shifts in advance by the Police Chief for two-month periods, which assignments can be modified by mutual agreement.
      (2)   Whenever a change in hours is planned, a seniority shift selection will be used to fill the schedule. However, if work hours are reduced due to budgetary constraints, a full-time employee may be offered part-time work. In that instance, the affected employee will be given as many work opportunities as are available with one day off per week, before hours are offered to other part-time officers. If the formerly full-time employee regularly works 30 or more hours per week, the employee will still be considered full- time for purposes of benefits granted under this agreement.
      (3)   Paid meal periods of 30 minutes and two break periods of 15 minutes may be taken as time allows per shift. However, these breaks may not be taken consecutively and the Chief may prohibit two on duty officers from taking lunch and breaks together. Officers shall be available for duty during any lunch and break periods. The village retains the ability to initiate a time clock system under management rights.
   (B)   If work hours are reduced due to budgetary constraints, full-time officer hours will not be reduced below 40 hours per week if any hours are being worked by part-time officers, unless a full-time officer requests time off.
(Ord. 2014-07, passed 5-20-2014)