(A)   Any officer desiring to improve his or her job skills and ability as pertinent to his or her village position may make a request of the village for financial assistance for college, technical school courses, correspondence, or other training. The grant of such request shall be entirely discretionary on the part of the village. No grievances can be filed based on the village’s full or partial refusal to provide financial aid or scheduling accommodations requested by the officer.
   (B)   Any officer desiring such assistance should submit a written request to the Police Chief two months prior to the start of the course or training program. The request must include an explanation of the nature of the course and a statement indicating what benefits the village will derive from the employee participation.
   (C)   If assistance is approved, the village may commit to reimburse the entire or partial tuition costs and/or the cost of books and material as determined by the Board prior to the employee’s enrollment in the course. Officers will be reimbursed upon satisfactory completion of the course provided that the officer receives a grade of C or better if the course is graded and attends 80% of scheduled classes in any event. Failure to achieve these minimum standards will result in no reimbursement by the village. Should the officer leave the employment of the village voluntarily prior to the expiration of two years following the completion of a course or program funded in whole or in part by the village, the employee shall repay the village 100% of the reimbursement within 30 days of separation.
(Ord. 2014-07, passed 5-20-2014)