(A)   Personal property which has been approved by the Police Chief for being carried by an on-duty officer shall be repaired or replaced by the village at a reasonable value if it is damaged during performance of the officer’s duties.
   (B)   For wrist watches, the village will pay to a maximum of $100.
   (C)   For eyeglasses or contacts, the officer must first present a claim to the health insurance carrier and the village will pay the difference between the amount covered by employee’s health insurance and the reasonable value of the glasses or contents. Maximum reimbursement for part-time employee’s eyewear is payment for comparable eyewear, but not to exceed $500.
   (D)   To be eligible for reimbursement or replacement, the officer shall report the incident, in writing, to the Police Chief within 48 hours of the time the incident occurred.
(Ord. 2014-07, passed 5-20-2014)