(A)   (1)   Neither the union nor any officers, agents, or employees will engage in, induce, call, authorize, support, promote, condone, or participate in any strike, work stoppage, intentional withholding of services, illegal picketing, slow-down, sit-in, “blue-flu,” or “ticket blitz,” or other unlawful acts or actions having the effect of exhibiting a refusal to work at any time for any reason.
      (2)   Any and all employees who violate the above provisions of this chapter may be disciplined by the village. In addition, in the event of a violation of this chapter, the union agrees to inform its members of their obligations under this chapter and to direct them to return to work.
   (B)   The village agrees that during the term of this chapter, it will not, as a result of a labor dispute with the union, lock out or prevent any officers from performing their regularly assigned duties.
(Ord. 2014-07, passed 5-20-2014)